Working in the arts has been a nearly lifelong ambition. Like so many striving artists, the realization of that ultimate creative expression has taken a back seat to the world"s demanding expectation that one should pursue a sensible career.  Fortunately the sensible career was a good fit. Teaching seemed to be a natural talent and it worked well for me, as well as for many of my students. There are probably many among us who have not been comfortable and satisfied with their substituted vocations. And for some there may not even be any recognition that there was a lurking longing to go after the real work of a lifetime. But I am thankful that now I am in a situation that permits sharing my real work.

The sculpture is on its way. Unexpedcted delays have raised their ugly head, but many of them are being resolved. Hopefully I will have a photo gallery of sculptures in the near future. In the meantime please visit the collection of my illustrated poems in The MCF Gallery, as well as the complete collection of MCF poetry. The poems are short and pithy, frequently using puns to simplify the expression and enhance the meaning and interpretations. Sculpture or Poetry: It all comes out of the forge.

Poem of the Week

The well informed electorate has become a myth. Learning what has happened in the world has become a matter of wondering if the ideological propagandists are really being honest with us. Despair seasons the discourse and the darkness of the message, the hatred, blinds us to reality. The liars are having their day. Truth vanishes and we fade away into obscurity.

That is the apparent plan of the corporate oligarchy. Their message is the billboard on the highway to success. It's their road and we are not welcome on it. Partisans on the right have been duped by the pundits and led to believe that the light from their lamp posts is bright and truthful, when in reality it is darkness and delusion.

The current consciousness of the 1% owning the nation and the 99% being bothersome unwelcome guests is out there, but the corporate media are marginalizing the poll. It's their ideological propaganda machine in action. We are the 99% and we need to let our true light shine and be the preservers of democratic values for all Americans.

Meadow Creek Forge

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Updated August 7, 2018

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